Workplace Safety


Our workplace safety consultants provide all-round expertise to ensure your people and organizational interests are preserved, while adhering to the regulatory standards set by the state.

Where We Operate‚Äč

Large corporate offices

Shopping malls

Entertainment centers

Technology parks

Healthcare centers

Manufacturing industries


Occupational Safety Assessments

Reduce on-the-spot risks by identifying potential dangers and controlling hazards with our in-depth occupational safety assessments.

Safety Audit

Want to get a third-party analysis of your current safety standing and learn about areas of improvement? Use our cost-effective audit services.

Industrial Hygiene Analysis

Measure the industrial stressors like chemicals, lead, asbestos, silica, mold, and noise that could cause injury, illness or impairment to your staff.

Safety Training

Methodically train your staff (exposed to different kinds of injuries) to protect themselves in environmental, health, and safety aspects.

PPE Management

We can skilfully help you in the design and management of an effective Personal Protective Equipment program for a wide range of hazardous workplaces.

Disinfecting Spaces and Objects

Using UVC powered equipment, we can effectively disinfect unoccupied spaces and materials and combat airborne diseases such as Ebola, malaria, typhoid fever, hantavirus, and dengue fever.

Workplace Sanitation

Using chemical cleansers and vacuum cleaning, reduce environmental hazards such as cockroach, rodents, fleas and other health-threatening pests, other diseases such as Hepatitis A and other viruses.


Higher Productivity

Fewer lost workdays due to injury or illness caused by safety reasons (or the lack of) mean that productivity is always on the high.

Increased Employee Morale

Employee morales increases when they know that employer takes care of their safety through training and proactive safety programs.

Lower Insurance Rates

When only a few people make insurance claims and majority of your employees are safe and happy, you pay a lower insurance rate.

Why Work With S3SF

Organizations work with us for the following advantages they get from us.

  • Our consultants have systems and processes for a wide range of industries.
  • We ensure that issues are resolved quickly and effectively communicated.
  • We keep a detailed safety plan with specifications.
  • We review our work regularly.
  • We train our staff on an ongoing basis.
  • We bring the required tools and equipment.
  • We use custom SOPs based on specific requirements and facility type.


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