Vehicle Access & Screening

Vehicle Access & Screening

Our screening approach addresses the particular risks that your site faces.

Where required, we can provide consulting to select the right screening technologies for the wide range of vehicle types and threats to be detected.

Features & Benefits

Smooth Flow of Vehicles

We can optimize parking lot space for pre-approved vehicles.

Optimize Space Use

Curb parking space wastage due to extended, overnight and unauthorized usage.

Powerful Reporting​

Receive Daily Activity Reports (DAR) and Incident Response reports.​

Trained Personnel

Our staff is fully trained to operate and calibrate your tools, systems and procedures.

Intelligent Reporting

Increase parking lot operational efficiency with smarter reporting.

Overspeed Reporting

Ensure safety of your people in your facility from vehicles that overspeed.


Advanced Facial Matching

S3 provides smart solutions for screening all vehicle occupants and detecting unauthorized people entering defined perimeters.

Licence Plate Based Access

Access to your premises can given based on the licence plate number on the vehicle. Relevant details are stored in a database for analysis.

Under Vehicle Inspection

Detect presence of prohibited material inside vehicles using intelligent under vehicle scanners.

Non-Intrusive Vehicle Inspection

Drive-thru scanners designed to screen vehicles at various inspection sites such as malls, airports, warehouses, traffic control centers and more.

Vehicle Inspection Consulting

We can help you with selecting the right methods and technologies for scanning the full range of vehicle types and threats.

Parking Lot Space Optimization

Using detailed analytics of parking lot usage and extended access of space, we can help optimize utilization and profitability.

Automated Vehicle Entry

Using advanced software and hardware technologies, we can fully automate vehicle entry screening and save on personnel costs.


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