Shopping Malls

Our shopping malls are at

constant security risk.

Consumer India is spending a lot of time and bulk of their earnings in shopping malls – hanging out with friends, celebrating, watching movies, idling away, dining, keeping kids entertained and of course, shopping.

People throng in shopping malls in huge numbers. It is the mall owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety of its shops and customers at all times. You can’t afford to lose business over real or perceived safety issue, and preferably avoid it altogether.

S3 offers all-round expertise to achieve that.

Our Values
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How We Do It

Shopping mall security services are designed to increase customer and employee safety while reducing theft and other security risks.

Deter Thieves and Criminals

Clearly visible uniformed security officers perform foot patrols or in marked patrol vehicles (bike, two-wheeler, four-wheeler)to deter thieves and other criminals.

Respond to criminals “on the ground”

Our professional loss prevention officers wearing plain clothes – with our without arms – detect emerging threats and prevent any eventuality skilfully.

Constantly monitored

CCTV operators are on constant vigil and direct investigators and security personnel towards thieves and criminals, while ably alerting the police.

WHAT WE DOOfferings

Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Have men patrol your shopping mall round the clock, acutely alert for suspicious people and movements.

Highly Marked & Professional Patrol Vehicles

Quadruple the general perception of safety and deter potential crimes with uniformed patrol driving marked vehicles. Security can be a business advantage.

Security Systems / Security Technology

Smart controls will be connected to web services that run the companies' perimeter protection and alert workers about malware and anti-virus.

Parking Lot Security

Metal detectors and baggage screening, putting users at greater risk of being stopped by security or even being refused entry altogether.

Consultancy Services

We can provide tailored advise with fire alarm systems, vault construction, deterrence procedures, IT security systems,

Fire and Workplace Safety

Addressing shopping mall emergencies, self-defense of personal property, search and rescue, health and safety, and environmental hazards.

Why Your Shopping Mall Needs Our Security

Organizations work with us for the following advantages they get from us

  • Our security personnel is groomed for handling high-stakes shopping mall security scenarios.
  • We help with reviewing management's security policy and procedures.
  • We ensure that issues are resolved quickly and effectively communicated.
  • We maintain security awareness among the occupants of shopping malls.
  • We help you comply with security policies.
  • We review our work regularly.
  • We train our staff on an ongoing basis.


We Empower Top Brands with Smart Security Solutions

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