People Access & Screening

People Access & Screening

Checkpoints need effective and safe screening controls, whether for security or operational needs.

Our solutions support and reinforce your access control policies and bring clarity and efficiency to your working environment.

Features & Benefits

Security Suited For You

Our personnel are trained to enforce the desired level of access strictness.

Flexible Solutions

Our people can be deployed in a wide variety of high-stakes security environments.

Screen People & Objects

Our people are trained to screen both people – desired levels – and objects.

Keep Risks at Bay

The mere presence of an alert guard can prevent many security risks.

Reduced Vulnerabilities

Our detailed access logs and audit trails help minimize breaches and vulnerabilities.

Powerful Reporting

Receive Daily Activity Reports (DAR) and Incident Response reports.


People Counting & Visitor Analytics

We can give an accurate count of people inside any environment, broken by gender and age. Also, get insights about their movements.

Privileged Access Management

We can provide access to facilities and assets based on highly complex access management policies set in your PAM.

Visitor Management

We can offer a highly secure visitor management system that is based on a pre-approved list and does multiple identity checks in real-time.

Time & Attendance Management

Without requiring any manual process, we can perform highly accurate time and attendance management that's updated in real-time.


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