Protecting from theft, fire, vandalism,

sabotage and terrorist attacks.

The amount of losses and damage that the manufacturing industry experiences every year from both external threats and trusted insiders is colossal. These losses affect profitability, increase cost to the consumer, and veil a risk perception on the brand and the organization’s reputation.

Industrial sites create great challenges owing to large quantities of exposed goods and the enormous amount of space that need to be protected.

Establish physical and virtual security controls in the processes and related infrastructure to allow for remote access, situational awareness and full control in order to mitigate risks and to maintain control.

Our Values
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How We Help You

We ensure that our hospitality security services are comprehensive and apt for all sizes of hotels, theme parks and restaurants.

Guests Feel at Ease

Our security officials bring in a sense of calm and peace; guests know that their selves and valuables are always protected. Even when our guards may not be visible in plain sight, they are always nearby.

Prevent Loss and Damage

Through reporting of irregularities in the prescribed format; alerting violators of policy and processes; and restraining trespassers skillfully.

Caring of Equipment

We ensure proper operation of equipment; we alert of preventive and periodic maintenance requirements as per manufacturer’s instructions; constantly upgrade themselves.

WHAT WE DOCapabilities

Security & Compliance Consulting Services

The right combination of security systems and protocols to comply with standards.

Armed Escort for Goods Transportation

Transport IP, prototypes or secretive finished products with utmost security.

Armed Escort for Officials

Fierce competition? Give your executives peace of mind and protection as they move about.

Perimeter Fencing

Know instantly when foreign objects and unauthorized people enter your unit.

Remote Surveillance

Be in full cognizance of what's happening in any physical location from a control room.

Access Control Systems

Provide physical areas with mobile app, fingerprint scanners or access cards.

IT Security Governance

Implement corporate security policies and procedures adopted to assure security for manufactured goods against theft, security breaches, tampering, and leakage.

Vulnerability Assessment & Resolution

Realize a level of operational security on the environment while ensuring IT security programs are able to detect and respond to potential security threats.

Customised Security Solutions

Offering conventional and innovative methods to achieve help you achieve your security objectives.

Why We're the Ideal Choice to Protect Your Industrial Unit

Organizations work with us for the following advantages they get from us.

  • We review our work regularly and constantly recommend improvement areas.
  • We work you to create a highly visible and multi-pronged security presence.
  • We have built lasting relationships with our customers that have afforded us the competitive advantage of being able to provide our products and services at a competitive price to our customers.
  • Our meticulous planning identifies and mitigates potential risks.
  • Our guards are committed to the highest standards of integrity.
  • We train our staff on an ongoing basis.


We Empower Top Brands with Smart Security Solutions

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