By ensuring the protection of buildings, guests, visitors, day users and employees of your facility, we sustain brand reputation.

Hotel, restaurants and theme parks get a lot of foot traffic, and it’s important to keep a constant eye on lobbies, play areas, dining halls, pools, and other communal areas.

Star-rated are occupied by high-profile customers and even slight lapse in security can prove expensive to the brand and its owners.

The entry doors are open to both welcome guests and uninvited visitors (with mal intent). While you focus on serving your guests in the best way possible, security needs to identify suspicious behaviours and prevent untoward incidents.

Our Values
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How We Help You

We ensure that our hospitality security services are comprehensive and apt for all sizes

of hotels, theme parks and restaurants.

Guests Feel at Ease

Our security officials bring in a sense of calm and peace; guests know that their selves and valuables are always protected. Even when our guards may not be visible in plain sight, they are always nearby.

Prevent Loss and Damage

Through reporting of irregularities in the prescribed format; alerting violators of policy and processes; and restraining trespassers skillfully.

Caring of Equipment

We ensure proper operation of equipment; we alert of preventive and periodic maintenance requirements as per manufacturer’s instructions; constantly upgrade themselves.

WHAT WE DOCapabilities

Club Security

Protect your club from security threats, hazards & people with malintent, through physical & digital security systems.

Private Transportation

Assure and deliver the highest levels of security and protection when transporting VIP guests to and fro your establishment.

Crowd Management

Deliver five-star security to marriages, conferences, private functions, and business meetings.

Emergency Security Services

Let's use our cross-functional expertise to plan and handle emergency situations in your hotel.

Gate Attendants & Ushers

Our staff demonstrates high level of professionalism and brand image that your hotel needs.

24/7 CCTV Monitoring

Monitor the nook and corner of your hotel, to catch any suspicious activity early and troubleshoot issues.

Access Point Monitoring

Make a detailed note of all entry points in your hotel to record the movement of staff and vendors.

Parking Lot Patrolling

Using digital and manual methods, we ensure your parking lot of free of crimes, unwelcome visitors, and other safety hazards.

Mobile & Random patrolling

Plain clothes security personnel patrol throughout your hotel to keep security hazards at a distance and ensure safety of your guests.

Why Your Hospitality Business Needs Our Expertise

Organizations work with us for the following advantages they get from us

  • Our customer-facing officers are cordial and exhibit abundant professionalism towards your clients.
  • We pick officers that possess surveillance skills, skilfully deal with uncertainty, exercise judgment, objectivity, dependability and emotional Control.
  • We create proactive hotel security programs that are integral to your operations.
  • Our guards are committed to the highest standards of integrity.
  • We review our work regularly.
  • We train our staff on an ongoing basis.


We Empower Top Brands with Smart Security Solutions

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