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Fire Safety

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Protect from four types of blast injuries Our fire safety services squarely work to prevent the four types of blast injuries.

Primary Blast Injuries

Transmitted blast waves in gas-containing structures cause injury to body tissues, affecting ears, lungs and the GI tract.

Secondary Blast Injuries

Caused by impact of flying debris on nearby workers. It can cause both penetrating and direct impact trauma.

Tertiary Blast Injuries

High-energy explosions or structural collapse can uplift people off the ground and fly them around.

Quaternary Blast Injuries

Crush injuries, burns, inhaling of toxic substances, and other explosion-based injuries fall under this category

HOW WE HELPFire Safety Services

Risk Identification

We perform periodic fire prevention plan that make it easy to identify – and mitigate – fire safety risks in your organization.

Emergency Response

We implement the RACE (rescue-alert-confine-extinguish-evacuate) protocol during emergencies.

Employee Training

We provide four-pronged training: : learning about fire hazards, usage of fire extinguishers, knowing emergency exits, and fire drills.

Promoting EHS

We help employees visualize safety through the effective use of posters, safety slogans, and other metric-driven visual aids.

Fire Hazard Analysis

We can analyze your fire safety posture vis-a-vis (a) flammable liquid storage and production and (b) process and storage area.

WHY WORK WITH USWhy Choose S3SF Safety Services

  • We make sure electrical control panels, sprinklers, firefighting equipment and emergency exits are always accessible, especially during emergencies.
  • We ensure we follow good housekeeping standards to keep the clutter at bay.
  • Our safety professionals are given rigorous training for implementing the R.A.C.E. protocol for emergency response.
  • We make sure that all fire and safety equipment are properly maintained and are ready for use, at all times.
  • Our officers are fire protection registered professional engineers (P.E.) and certified designers.


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