Our educational institutions

need to be protected.

The modern school faces a new set of challenges like sexting, hacking into networks, stealing passwords, creating fake accounts, and more caused by the advancements of the Internet. Students are affected by adult content, strangers and inappropriate material. We provide you with the tools and systems to combat these and allow you to focus on academics.



Attendance Tracking

Using advanced systems, attendance management can be done effortlessly. Time saved on taking attendance can be utilized towards core lessons and exercises.

Surveillance Analytics

A school is visited by many different types of people: teachers, students, vendors, salespeople, visiting staff, non-teaching staff, administrators, businesspeople and more. Our surveillance analytics software helps get a quick grasp of them and their movement within the different areas of the campus.

Transport Management

We can track the movement of students right from when they get in the school bus, step inside their classrooms, check in to the library and labs, and till the time they get down from the bus in the evening.

Campus Patrolling

Our security staff patrol designated areas of the campus on a regular basis, in order to keep strangers away and occupants access only the designated areas in the campus.

Access Control

Our IP door access control solutions scale from one door to thousands, and work with powerful, user-friendly access control management software.

Intelligent Internet Filtering

Without curbing the learning of students, we can intelligently block unsuitable websites, streaming services, and non-education related YouTube videos. If someone tries to circumvent the filters, we can invoke an SMS or email alert to the class teacher and / or the parent.

Our Values
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Why Your Educational Institution Needs Our Security Services

Organizations work with us for the following advantages they get from us

  • Our security guards exhibit outstanding demeanor and appearance.
  • Proven Solutions: We only carry high-quality security solutions that are field-tested, backed by aggressive warranties, and guaranteed reliable… or your money back!
  • FREE Expert Consulting: Need assistance? Our experts are trained to help you with selection, camera placement, system design, troubleshooting on the job, and more.
  • Background of our security personnel is thoroughly verified by multiple parties.
  • Our fire and safety personnel regularly undertake mock drills inside the campus to ensure student safety at all times
  • We are in touch with local fire safety authorities for training and re-training our personnel.
  • Our security guards can deliver the duty as disaster management resources also.
  • We review our work regularly, We train our staff on an ongoing basis.
  • We help you comply with security policies.


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