Digital Security

Digital Security

Our digital security systems provide unparalleled protection to your people, digital assets and physical spaces.

Features & Benefits

IP Cameras

Get better video quality, more video site ranges, & better zooming capability.

Encrypted & Compressed

Our digital video feeds are encrypted and compressed to prevent interception.

Better Threat Detection

Analytics tools can detect shapes and forms to better recognize potential threats.

Cloud Storage

If required, we can save your security data to the cloud with onsite backups.

Cheaper than Analog

Digital security systems are cheaper than equivalent analog solutions.


Advanced Facial Matching

We use IP cameras for facial matching and licence plate number detection that prevent unauthorized people from entering defined perimeters. ​​

Access Management

Using single sign-on to establish end-user's identity, enterprises can provide access to an array of desktop, mobile and cloud applications.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Get unified and real-time access and control of your security and surveillance systems on a centralized dashboard.

Surveillance Analytics

Instantly analyze video feeds and direct human attention to any suspicious behaviour and areas of concern.

Data Encryption

Encrypted data provides greater protection against unauthorized access to sensitive data inside your prototypes, designs and documents.

Cybersecurity Consulting

We help define and implement the right cybersecurity strategy, target operating model & GRC structure that drive your business objectives.

Incident Response

From doing root-cause analysis to restoring your systems, our incident response team will help with risk, remediation and compliance efforts.


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