Commercial Cleaning​

Commercial Cleaning​ CLEAN, DUST, SANITIZE

Our cleaning services ensure a clean, safe and healthy working environment for your staff and customers.

Whether you need daily, nightly or one-time office cleaning, we’ve got the people, tools, and skills to keep your facility spotlessly clean and well looked after. With S3SF, the topic of cleanliness always brings a smile to stakeholders.

Where We Operate​

Large corporate offices

Shopping malls

Entertainment centers

Technology parks

Healthcare centers

Manufacturing industries

Specialty Services

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Take the grime and dirt out of your carpets with perfect steaming, shampooing & vacuuming services.

Floor Cleaning

Eliminate the dirt caused by continuous footfall in your facility and restore the polish of your floors.

Window Washing

Sparkling, flawless & clear windows impart a warm look and provide great experience for your customers, staff & vendors.

Wall & Ceiling Cleaning

Our cleaning products and methods keep ceilings and walls protected from dirt and dust, oils and grease, smoke, & other contaminants.

Sofa & Chair Cleaning

Give long life to your expensive sofas and chairs with our professional shampooing, vacuuming & sanitizing services.

Drapes & Blinds Cleaning

We use the safest and the most effective methods to take out the smoke, dirt, pollen, and grime stuck on fine and intricate fabrics.


Happier, healthier people

Uplift the office mood, and reduce the number of potential sick days of employees as we deal with allergens and dust quickly.

Longevity for your assets

Using the latest cleaning equipment and technology means that your buildings, upholstery and furniture stay new, longer.

Set it up, forget it!

After a one-time set up services setup, be assured that your assets stay clean always, even without your active supervision or monitoring.

Why Work With S3SF

Organizations work with us for the following advantages they get from us.

  • Our cleaning staff is groomed for your specific industry.
  • We ensure that issues are resolved quickly and effectively communicated.
  • We work with your schedule and cleaning priorities.
  • We keep a detailed cleaning plan with specifications.
  • We review our work regularly.
  • We train our staff on an ongoing basis.
  • We bring the required tools and equipment.
  • We use custom SOPs based on specific requirements and facility type.


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